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Musings from Sawtooth/Skim European Conjoint Conference

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The Sawtooth/Skim European Conjoint Conference took place in Berlin last week with papers and advice on new or best practice in conjoint analysis, hierarchical bayes analysis and related techniques. Rather than trying to follow up on any single paper, these are more musings about how conjoint is changing (or needs to change) in a world of big sample studies and changes to research¬† in general. For instance, I was struck by the relative simplification of conjoint studies in terms of attributes and levels as presented (though not at a statistical level), while more surveys are being run with extremely large sample sizes. Obviously there are moves to newer forms of conjoint (ACBC, Menu-based etc). But that left me wondering if some radical changes to the way we use conjoint are coming/needed… Read More »



Creativity comes in ones

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The very obvious raison d’etre of market research is often to find out what the customer wants. The temptation for a business is to see the customer as the font of all knowledge and inspiration. If we’re looking at purchasers in businesses, these are professionals and are much more able to say exactly what they want and to write the specification and invitation-to-tender documents. Consumers on the other hand know broadly what they would like, but often struggle to articulate precisely what is needed. However, they know very quickly if something you show them is correct or incorrect and are very able to critique what they see. Read More »