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Consumers aren’t computers

In customer insight,market research,market research fieldwork,questionnaire design on October 31, 2013 by sdobney

Looking through some data for an academic survey into American citizen’s beliefs in conspiracy theories the other day, it was striking that the academic in question had failed to screen out some odd or strange answers including some deep inconsistencies and some very dubious key pressing patterns. With everything online it’s easy to forget humans provide the answers.

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Bias in market research, social listening and Big Data.

In analysis,big data,customer insight,market research on July 5, 2013 by sdobney

Bias and the potential for bias is a fundamental concept in market research and market analysis. It’s not that we always want perfect data. In some circumstances we know we have to make do with data that has certain potential biases but that there is no other practical data alternative (and by practical we might include the expense of alternatives). However, the emergence of Big Data and ease of access to large internet panels does mean that bias has disappeared from market research agendas a little. Read More »


Performance enhancing insight

In analysis,customer insight,market research on July 2, 2013 by sdobney

Customer or consumer insight is the area in the business that looks after monitoring, modelling and predicting customer or consumer behaviour. The difference between findings or results and insight, is that insight should carry through the business, helping managers understand why and how purchasers behave the way they do and so apply this understanding to the running of the business. Dissemination and communication is part and parcel of the insight manager’s role. Not all insight though is equally valuable. Read More »