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Bias in market research, social listening and Big Data.

In analysis,big data,customer insight,market research on July 5, 2013 by sdobney

Bias and the potential for bias is a fundamental concept in market research and market analysis. It’s not that we always want perfect data. In some circumstances we know we have to make do with data that has certain potential biases but that there is no other practical data alternative (and by practical we might include the expense of alternatives). However, the emergence of Big Data and ease of access to large internet panels does mean that bias has disappeared from market research agendas a little. Read More »



Big Data – The theory of everything vs experimental designs

In big data,market research on May 23, 2013 by sdobney

For those in the research world Big Data must be the biggest catchphrase of the moment. Marketing gurus are rushing to tell us that we can have so much data from observations and conversations online that we’ll never need to run a market research survey again. The data is out there, we just need to build bigger and bigger models and we’ll know everything about everyone. We won’t need research. Of course I’m exaggerating, but there is a sense being fostered that with Big Data we will have the ultimate theory of everything about people and how they buy. Us, at the experimental end of the scale, disagree.

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